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Our WordPress speed is about your customer having an excellent experience with fast-loading pages, optimized images, and quick navigation. Internet speed still varies greatly throughout the country and even more so in the world. Don’t leave a customer behind because they are in an area that isn’t quite there yet.

WordPress Speed
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Page Load Time

Page speed is very important, faster pages are more efficient and provide a better user experience. If a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over a quarter of users will click away and choose a different search result per a KISS Metrics study.

Take a free site speed test over at GT Metrix and how fast your website loads. Write down your results, you may be asked for then later.

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Optimized Images

Often overlooked, it can take just one inadequately optimized image to ruin your page speed. All clients will receive free bulk image compression and optimization upon migration. If need be, we can develop a plan together to manually resize, crop, and convert files types with your included rollover development credits.
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Domain Name System

You’ll be connected to an authoritative DNS that is the fastest in the world, offering DNS lookup speed of 11ms on average and worldwide DNS propagation in less than five seconds. Can you say wow!

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Content Delivery Network

You’ll be connected to an expansive global network of data centers that cache static content closer to users and deliver dynamic content over the fastest and most reliable private backbone links. This is more then just installing a plugin and hoping your WordPress speed increases. It’s about full integration with our hosting.
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Dedicated Server

Your website will be hosted on a WP Maintenance Experts private server. No random strangers doing unknown things on the website next door. We have a zero-tolerance policy. If you intend to do shady things, expect a conversation from us. We keep the neighborhood running clean and fast – 100%.
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Code Minification

Code Minification comes in many forms and has many options. From being built-in with themes, utilizing separate plugins, or as a cloud solution. We’ll find the right match (or balance of) to maximize your site’s WordPress speed.
Donald DeLeeuw WP Maintenance Experts Web Developer

Donald DeLeeuw


I started building websites in 2001, did some other cool stuff mixed in between then and now but my favorite has been building websites or enhancing them. There always seemed to be a void between DIY and letting an agency handle your website. While WordPress is great for DIY, it's become more complicated over time. Sometimes a hand is needed to get over a hump or sometimes you just have a question and are not sure where to go. That's why WP Maintenance Experts is here. Let us find the solutions.

WordPress Hosting Testimonials

I was able to achieve a complete redesign at no cost!

After moving the website to WPME, I focused on minor changes myself and had pages redesigned one-by-one until it was complete. I was getting ridiculously large quotes from freelancers and agencies, for just a few pages.
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WordPress Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer them all but if we've missed one, please reach out to us.

Are backups performed and if so, how often?

Absolutely! Backups are performed nightly, before monthly maintenance begins, or we do any work.

What page builders do you use for re-designs?

We've fallen in love with Elementor and Divi but are also familiar with Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and others.

Do you offer email?

Yes. Each plan comes with at least 1 email account and more can be added. You can also use (or continue to use) G Suite, Office 365, or other 3rd party cloud solutions.

Can I install my own plugins and themes?

You can but know we'll find and remove any nulled software so please only install from reliable sources.

Can I use my own DNS?

If you prefer to, yes. But to get the best performance, we recommend using our CDN integrated DNS (no charge) and Nameservers.

What if I don't have any analytics currently?

We will set up a new Google Analytics account for you and grant you access to it. Knowledge is power!