WordPress Security

Our WordPress security starts even before your website is viewed. Cloud-based DNS protection interrupts bots and blocks known bad actors. Server-based protection is the next line of defense with managed firewalls and remotely inaccessible databases, we’ll stop the bad guys in their tracks.

WordPress Security
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Plugin, Theme, Core, and PHP Updates

We know, there’s more to it, but we do cover the basics. When available, your plugins, themes, WordPress core, and PHP version will be updated. Backups are made prior and a sampling of pages are visually compared for before and after differences. You will be notified of any update errors after the update is rolled back so we can develop a plan together.
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Don't Be a Target

We will check and correct known WordPress security issues such as…

  • Adding an empty index.php file to /wp-content/, /wp-content/plugins/, /wp-content/themes/ and /wp-content/uploads/ to prevent listing.
  • Remove the WordPress generator meta tag version from the head sections of the website. te has not been hidden
  • Disabled database error reporting.
  • Disable PHP error reporting.
  • Remove the readme.html from the website root directory.
  • Verify and ask to change whenever the Administrator user name is “admin” or your domain name.
  • Plus many more.
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Bot Protection

The growing complexity and the number of bot attacks now contributing 40% of the traffic on the web mean that the threat has become two-fold; bot attacks stress the resources on your server and simultaneously expose WordPress security loopholes on your website.
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SPAM Protection

No CAPTCHA, no questions, no animal counting, no puzzles, no math, and no spambots. Universal cloud-based premium anti-spam is what we use and make available to you.
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DDoS Attack Protection

An attack of this nature is the result of a network of “zombie” computers being used by an attacker, unbeknownst to the owners of the machines. The technical term for this network of zombie computers is a botnet. When a server is overwhelmed with these connections, legitimate connections can no longer be accepted, and the website becomes inaccessible.
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Monitoring Dashboard

All websites are added to multiple global monitoring dashboards allowing for immediate action of WordPress security vulnerabilities, website health, resource consumption, and more. If something crops up, we’ll most likely have it fixed before you (or your visitors) realize it.
Donald DeLeeuw WP Maintenance Experts Web Developer

Donald DeLeeuw


I started building websites in 2001, did some other cool stuff mixed in between then and now but my favorite has been building websites or enhancing them. There always seemed to be a void between DIY and letting an agency handle your website. While WordPress is great for DIY, it's become more complicated over time. Sometimes a hand is needed to get over a hump or sometimes you just have a question and are not sure where to go. That's why WP Maintenance Experts is here. Let us find the solutions.

WordPress Hosting Testimonials

We didn’t realize how impactful poor hosting was to our SEO

We thought we’d save a few bucks but ultimately paid for it with less traffic. Our visitors increased 50% the first year. We were also able to get help with some technical issues that were beyond our ability.
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WordPress Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer them all but if we've missed one, please reach out to us.

Are backups performed and if so, how often?

Absolutely! Backups are performed nightly, before monthly maintenance begins, or we do any work.

What page builders do you use for re-designs?

We've fallen in love with Elementor and Divi but are also familiar with Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and others.

Do you offer email?

Yes. Each plan comes with at least 1 email account and more can be added. You can also use (or continue to use) G Suite, Office 365, or other 3rd party cloud solutions.

Can I install my own plugins and themes?

You can but know we'll find and remove any nulled software so please only install from reliable sources.

Can I use my own DNS?

If you prefer to, yes. But to get the best performance, we recommend using our CDN integrated DNS (no charge) and Nameservers.

What if I don't have any analytics currently?

We will set up a new Google Analytics account for you and grant you access to it. Knowledge is power!