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We want to provide the best service at the best price and to do that, we need to be efficient, scalable, and predictable. We focus on WordPress, that’s it. We’ll customize it and we’ll maintain it, but we stay with what we rock at!

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About us

Our model is simple, we work with small businesses and individuals that manage their own WordPress website but need (or would like) an occasional hand without it costing a fortune.

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Our most Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer them here but if we've missed one, please reach out to us.

Why isn't everything unlimited like the others?

We want everyone to have a positive experience. Have you ever gone to an all-you-can-eat buffet and they're out of Jello cups (or something) but you just saw someone walk off with 5 of them? Our offerings are balanced for maximum performance and price and are set so they only affect that Jello cup person.

How much is are additional mailboxes?

Your account will come with 1 or 2 mailboxes with additional email accounts at $3/month. This includes a huge 25GB mailbox, Secure IMAP (Outlook & Mobile), and web-based anywhere access.

What if I go over any of my limits?

It happens, no worries, for now we'll just monitor. It could be due to a promotion, holiday shopping, or a post that went viral. If you're still rocking increased traffic (which is good) after 3 months, we'll reach out regarding a better fitting plan. We have your back though, the same is true if you're on a higher plan than you need, we'll recommend you move down.

Are there any setup fees?

There are one-time setup fees to get the ball going and for our time configuring the components of your website's hosting. All setup fees are equal to one month's service and are refunded 20% a month. For example, if you choose the $75/month plan, the setup fee would be $75, and you'd receive a $15 monthly discount over the next 5 months.

What is "self-hosted" eCommerce?

The most common examples would be WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, and BigCommerce. Basically, if you're selling a product and service that requires additional overhead. Third-party plugins like Ecwid, Shopify, and PayPal do not apply as the "heavy lifting" is not done on your website.

What if my website needs more than your top plan?

Contact us. Our standard offerings fit 99% of our clients but that still leaves the 1% (you). We'll put together a custom package based on your needs. Expect custom development time, some more email addresses, and overall higher limits.

Does the monthly maintenance take away from my rollover time?

Absolutely not. The rollover time is yours to save and use for services outside of the standard offering, which includes monthly maintenance. Performing updates, security monitoring, hosting, and pretty much anything related to keeping the lights on is part of the monthly maintenance.

What would not be considered monthly maintenance?

Content updates, setting up new themes or plugins, custom coding, fixing broken components, or other work done at your request. You will always know in advance if your rollover time will need to be used.