WordPress Maintenance & Hosting

Prepare yourself for a new type of agency experience!

WP Maintenance Experts offers WordPress maintenance for small businesses and individuals who can handle website content but require occasional help with technical aspects. Our rollover development time lets you save unused hours for future assistance. Avoid costly agency services or unreliable freelancers and achieve your business goals with our affordable and reliable support.

WordPress Maintenance Experts
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WordPress security is more than updates. It’s about deterring unauthorized access and avoiding making your site vulnerable.More About Security

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Optimize your WordPress speed to avoid negative SEO effects. Google considers it a top ranking factor.

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Our top priority in WordPress support is your success. We’re committed to helping you achieve it as ours is linked to yours.

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What’s Included

A few of the services we’re extremely proud to offer with our WordPress Maintenance packages. Contact us with any specific questions.

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Dedicated Servers

It's like an HOA for websites. We know who your neighbors are because we maintain them too. We don't tolerate bad actors and will boot them immediately.

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DNS Hosting

We've partnered with an enterprise-grade DNS service that offers the fastest response time, redundancy, and advanced security.

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Content Delivery Network

You'll be part of a geographically distributed group of servers that ensure fast delivery of your web pages and images.
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Rollover Credits

You'll get a monthly allotment of development time. Save them up for the big projects without breaking the bank or even paying in most cases.

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Monthly Reporting

Visitors, new visitors, and how long they stayed on your website. All important information that allows you to make decisions about your next move.
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Themes & Plugins

We hold many agency licenses to build new features and complete re-designs for you. This is a great benefit if your website is dated and needs some love.

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No Contract

You are not bound by a contract to remain and there are no penalties for canceling. Life happens, we understand, we'll be sad, but understand.
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Admin Access

You'll keep your own admin account to use at your discretion. We're always here if you have a question or get stuck. Talk to us about solutions.

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Emergency Security Patches

Software is monitored through a central system allowing us to immediately mitigate any known vulnerabilities as soon as they are announced.